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Building up the mobile disco unit!

Although I liked the cheap deck I was using, it wasn’t the best but it got me through some bad times.

I did used to have a pair of Technics SL1210 mk2’s but where I lived in 2000 was burgled and one of them was stolen. The other I lent to a fellow DJ and we didn’t manage to arrange to sort getting it back. My orbit drifted away form that scene and I’ve since found out he passed away a few years back.

The other week I won an auction on eBay for an SL1210mk2 from a really nice guy called Sam. It seemed that the guy who won the other deck wasn’t responding to emails until he finally did and said he couldn’t afford the postage so was bailing on buying it (it was listed as collection only!)

So Sam offered the second deck to me and I picked up a small Ecler mixer the other day so I now have a decent set up to do vinyl mixes in conjunction with playing digital files.

Once I have set up the decks (need to get a nice piece of MDF board to sit them on) then there is no reason not to have regular shows. Definitely a lot more regular than 3 in a year!

The mixer also has an XLR socket for the microphone so I may record some chat just as a segway between sections/clusters of records. It definitely wont be about me chatting a load of shit and may not even happen at all, or again after the first time!

The image above is of the record collection currently. There’s lots of new pieces and I’ve been going through more older stuff.

I’ve started to group stuff to try and categorise them. So far there’s big Brian Eno, Deep Chord/Dub Techno, Afrobeat/African music and Detroit techno sections starting to emerge. I’m also making sure that any record I touch is listed in my Discogs collection.