Category: Liner Notes

Now added radio broadcast

I’ve now set up a SHOUTcast broadcast channel that can be accessed through the Radio page

Not sure how often I’ll be doing live streams but considering how infrequent the episodes are, probably not that often!

I think they’ll be when I’ve got a couple of hours and fancy playing a few records. I’ll record the stream and upload it to Soundcloud as an ‘episode’. Might be a more efficient way of getting episodes recorded.

Most streams will probably look like this….

Crate Digging and Set Building

There has been a long gap between episodes due to a few reasons: I have transistioned to a digital set up using a Numark Mixtrack 3 ‘virtual DJ console’ and I have been going through thousands of tracks to create some sets.

Like an idiot though, some of the setslists I have created it, I wrote in one notebook and now I cant find that specific notebook! (use only one at a time, you idiot!). So I need to organise all my books and find those lists and commit to tape!

Some of the sets are more based around the first hour being some laid back electronics and meandering ambience while the 2nd hour picks it up into more beat orientated grooves and lots of Afrobeat/Modern Highlife, etc

I have tinkered with the idea of just making 1 hour episodes then the chances are people wont get too bored but the variety will be minimal (or not, if I make the effort not to let that happen) but the 2 hour episode could be more of a journey. I think I might just do both and see what happens with it.