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Episode 1 :: Put The Needle On The Record


Rene Lowe & Paul St Hilaire – Faith
Vlad Caia – Declination
The Apologist – Sorry (Dub)
Renegades of Jazz – Pounding Sound
General Ludd – Burning Mack
Kitachi – Spirit (HipHop Mix)
Hype Williams meets Shangaan Electro
Noveller & This Quiet Army – Revereries
Talking Makes No Sense – Summit Loop
Ivor Cutler – Beautiful Cosmos
A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Atomos VI
Kellie Patterson – Maiden Voyage
Ahmed Malik – Tikjda
Death And Vanilla – From Above
Nybbl – God Only Knows (Hippocamp Ruin Pet Sounds)
Acre – City
Throwing Snow – Helical
Bonobo – Second Son
Abul Mogard – The Purpose Of Peace
Bacao Rhythm Steel Band – Jungle Fever
La Sourouba de Lounga – Bour Sine
Discoverer – Circular Motherboard
Belarisk – The Knot That Ties Itself
Panabrite – Dune
Raime – Glassed
Harmonia & Eno – Welcome
Peter Broderick – And It’s Alright
Amon Tobin – Slowly